Máy dệt tem nhãn ITEMA R9500

Labeling Unit:

1. Latest developed MEI thermal cutting system, precisely monitor the fabric moving speed and auto adjust the cutter temperature, achieve soft edge cut quality.

2. Specialized full width temple and thermofixing device, leading to an excellent ironing and shaping effect.

3. Unique label machine frame structure design, able to realize the high stability of machine in the fast running speed and reduce vibration and friction fro jacquard and harness.

4. Using Italy RTS harness cord and Germany Hornex harness board with import harness, ensure the Harness kit has longer use life.


Model: R9500SX High Speed Label Weaving Machine
Speed: 680rpm(max)
Working width: 1700mm(max)
Repeats: 8 repeats for taffeta(1repeat=20cm)
16 repeats for satin(1repeat=10cm)/Standard
Control system: Electronic system with microprocessor
Wrap let-off: Electronic let-off motion with tensioning device
Stop motion: Electronic. Machine stops automatically when warp or weft breaks
Take-up: Electronic
Weft density: Electronic density adjustment from 5-150 picks/cm
Weft selector: 8 weft color selector(12 weft color as option)
Weft fonding: Automatic weft pick finding with variable program
Lubrication: Cantralized lubrication system
Warp beam: Diameter of 800mm
Cloth take-up: Diameter of 600mm(max)
Power: 7.5KW of main motor

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